Lollobrigida and the Frecciarossa case stopped: “I was going to work, I’m not resigning”


By John

«As far as I am responsible, I will do everything necessary. I have never run away from confrontation. I am convinced that I acted not only within the scope of legality and the rule but in the interest of the State and to represent it in Caivano. That descent from the train was not to go on holiday or visit my family, but to go and do work”.

The Minister of Agriculture said this, Francesco Lollobrigida, on the sidelines of the Coldiretti Forum, organized with The European House – Ambrosetti at Villa Miani in Rome, answering a question on the matter that concerns him of a train to get him off and a possible request from Parliament to report to the Chamber. minister replies “no” to those who ask him if he intends to resign as requested by the opposition. «For me the real privilege was to be among the citizens of Caivano – he added – starting with the children, who are our future and who today are in a position to return to frequenting the park, thanks to the work of the forces of order and the army who very quickly cleaned up what was a drug dealing square. The State is there, it is there in quick times and not only when the spotlights were on but also in the following days.”