Reggio, inmate beaten in prison? The offended party witnesses in the courtroom


By John

It will be the hearing formally started yesterday before the Collegiate Court presided over by Dr. Silvia Capone (judges Carla Costantino and Claudia Colli) that will reconstruct that terrible day lived inside the “San Pietro” penitentiary complex, on January 22, 2022, when the Neapolitan prisoner, Alessio Peluso, was allegedly beaten, and was the victim of acts of torture, by the then commander of the Penitentiary Police, Stefano La Cava, “in competition” with five agents. The same people who are now in the dock together with a doctor and a nurse from the city prisons who, however, are not responsible for the alleged extremely violent physical and moral aggression but for a hypothesis of “misdirection” because according to the investigators they would have made false statements “obstructing and diverting the investigation into the beating of the prisoner.”
First hearing which was catalyzed by the request, and simultaneous admission, of the witnesses of the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense and examination panel of the accused. The list of texts that the Public Prosecutor Sara Prezzan asked to hear at the hearing in the bunker room is extensive: it will begin with the Flying Squad official, Paolo Valenti, among the main members of the investigative pool, and among the many texts that will be examined also the alleged offended party, the Neapolitan prisoner Alessio Peluso, director and deputy commander of the historical period in which the violence was allegedly committed, Calogero Tessitore and Sergio Aldo Floresta, numerous investigators, witnesses, the lawyer Giovanna Russo, citizen guarantor of the rights of deprived of liberty.

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