Lollobrigida: “The Irpef exemption will guarantee more than 90% of Italian agricultural businesses”


By John

“I believe that the provision that will emerge from this discussion” on the Irpef exemption for farmers«with a further effort to guarantee adequate resources, it will guarantee more than 90% of Italian agricultural businesses, so I believe it is more than sufficient from every point of view to give a signal of further attention.” The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, said this at the end of the government-agricultural organizations table at Palazzo Chigi.

«However, I want to point out with extreme serenity – Lollobrigida specified – that neither in today’s meeting nor in other meetings of agricultural entrepreneurs has this emerged as the central problem of the agricultural world, on the contrary, I must say that it has emerged only as a sign of further attention that we intended to give, but the problems are very different and for all of them they certainly do not lie at the national level, in which there is a government that has shown great attention to the world of agriculture in these 16 months, but in the buildings of Brussels, where there was no awareness of how much the guarantee of being able to continue to count on a strategic asset like this is worth to Europe.”