Catanzaro, abundance in defense. Antonini did well and Brighenti returns from disqualification


By John

Abundance. Those problems that every coach would like to face when choosing the starting lineup, match after match. After the away game against Spezia Vivarini has one in the central sector of the defense. An unprecedented problem of abundance, among other things: until now nothing had put the couple formed by Scognamillo and Brighenti in doubt, only causes of force majeure such as the disqualification of the first in Venice or the second last Saturday had forced the coach to change.
Aside from a few bad days in which one or the other encountered, those two have been immovable because they are playing a great championship. Brighenti demonstrated that, upon his return to Serie B, he is still a very reliable defender despite the fact that his identity card says thirty-four springs. Scognamillo confirmed the growth made in Serie C in the upper category in the last two years under Vivarini management. In short, the central pair has earned their immovability with full merit – not for lack of alternatives – both for what they have guaranteed in the defensive phase and because they are perfect in the possession phase, it is no coincidence that these are the two players with most passes in the tournament.
Against Spezia, however, the addition of Antonini guaranteed something more even in the only aspect in which the duo of senators he’s at a bit of a deficit: strength in the air. As a good Brazilian, Antonini behaved properly even with the ball at his feet, however the fundamental aspect was precisely the centimeters to be placed in the penalty area, the reason why someone like him was signed in January. It is these capabilities that could convince Vivarini to change something in the back pack.
Until Katseris was sold, the defense ballot only concerned the right flank, with the Greek and Situm in contention. Now it is possible that the doubts will be moved a few meters to the left, starting from Saturday’s match against Ascoli.
That Brighenti lost his job is difficult to believe, almost impossible. Nicolò has been leading the department for two years, he takes care of and cleans the exits from the bottom, he is the most expert among the Giallorossi and is also one of the most charismatic. At this point, if Antonini were confirmed, there would be a couple of questions – not easy to resolve. The first would be to alternate the Brazilian with Scognamillo, but it is another difficult thing, if not impossible, because the Neapolitan’s performance puts him beyond any discussion, in addition to the fact that he also guarantees fundamental temperamental as well as technical aspects. The second, however, could suggest a defense made up of Antonini, Brighenti and Scognamillo, with the latter moved to the left, as a false full-back (i.e. as a central third), as in Reggio Emilia a month and a half ago and, above all, for the entire Serie C championship. It wouldn’t be an adaptation, just a return to the past.
It is not obvious that Vivarini will make this choice leaving out Veroli, another element to which nothing can be pinpointed, but it is an eventuality that must be taken into account and which was not there before. It’s a problem to be solved, but problems like this are always better to have.