«Ludopazza», down in the vortex of gambling addiction


By John

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at 7.30 pm at the Camelot Center (daytime mental health center ex Mandalari, Giostra) “Ludopazza” will be presented in Messina – with free admission upon reservation – by Maurizio Puglisi’s Compagnia Nutrimenti Terrestri, the show written by the Messina journalist Southern Gazette Davide Marchetta and starring and directed by Sabrina Marchetti (assistant director of Adriana Mangano), daughter of the popular actor from Messina Maurizio Marchetti.
The project was the winner of the Suburbs Announcement of the municipality of Messina and is part of the program of shows in the suburbs that Nutrimenti Terrestri will carry out in the areas of Giostra, Ritiro, Villa Lina and San Michele.
«Ludopazza» is fresh from the resounding success at the Fringe Festival in Milan, where it made its national premiere, and in Catania where, in addition to the enthusiasm of the audience, especially the younger ones, it received important recognitions: the prize for the best subject (a Davide Marchetta) and best actress (Sabrina Marchetti), as well as the Special Mention from the Etna students.
In «Ludopazza», with disarming sincerity and raw and merciless language, Sandra – the nurse protagonist of the monologue played by Sabrina Marchetti – recounts his descent into the maelstrom of gambling addiction, that nightmarish vortex from which it is impossible to emerge once you have the misfortune of falling into it, a real vortex that overwhelms everything: affections, values, feelings, profession, dignity, everything .
His story is that of millions of others in our country right now: compulsive gambling ends up making you enter a circle of hell from which it is difficult to climb back out after you have been sucked in and crushed by the relentless gear.
The show will then be on stage in Milazzo and at the Cometa Off Theater in Rome at the beginning of next year.