Schlein says no to Meloni on the invitation to Atreju: “The discussion must be in Parliament”

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By John

At the moment no formal invitations have arrived but, based on what we learn, at the Nazarene they would not, however, be in favor of the idea of ​​the participation of the PD secretary, Elly Schlein, in the Fdi party, Atreju. “We discuss and discuss with Fdi in Parliament, starting from the budget maneuver” sources from the Nazarene report. The news of Prime Minister Meloni’s invitation to the PD secretariat to participate in the traditional Fdi meeting appeared today in several newspapers.

The invitation to participate in the FdI party, Atreju, was addressed personally to the Pd secretary Elly Schlein by the FdI deputy Giovanni Donzelli, in recent days in the Chamber. This is what Democratic sources report. The secretary initially took her time and then decided to decline.

Donzelli: “Schlein in Atreju? I learned it from the newspapers”

«Elly Schlein in Atreju? I learned it from the newspapers, no invitation has been sent out, I am managing the invitations, that said and I don’t know that the invitation has been sent out, Atreju is open to all political ideas”. This was stated by Giovanni Donzelli, Fdi deputy, on the microphones of the Ping Pong program on Radio1.