Luzzi evades house arrest to threaten and set fire to the car of his ex-partner: tracked down and arrested in Paola


By John

He evades house arrest and is taken to prison. The carabinieri of Rende carried out an order to aggravate the original precautionary measure with the application of imprisonment against FR, 38, from Luzzi, under investigation for the crime of persecution and abuse in the family.

The story

Luzzi’s carabinieri carried out a check at the man’s home, to verify that he was regularly at home as required by the precautionary measure to which he was subjected. The latter, however, had left to reach his ex-partner in Taverna di Montalto Uffugo, going to the house of a friend of the woman, scaring the two younger daughters and setting fire to the car of his ex-partner who, scared for her own safety and that of her family members filed a new complaint, reporting that the man had continued to harass and persecute her even after the application of the precautionary measure. The man then made himself untraceable, until he was tracked down in Paola.