Mafia infiltration in Tropea, the municipal council dissolved: no ballot boxes, the commissioners arrive


By John

The decision comes on the final notes of the Council of Ministers held yesterday at Palazzo Chigi: the government, on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, he arranged it dissolution of the Tropea municipal council due to mafia infiltration. For the center considered by almost everyone to be the symbolic city of Calabrian tourism, this is the second time in the space of a few years: the elective bodies had been dissolved in August 2016 and the government's decision – initially overturned by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court – was was definitively confirmed by the Council of State.
This is not an unexpected stop, far from it. Now the Municipality will be entrusted to an extraordinary commission for 18 months. Palazzo Chigi's decision comes just over 6 months after the establishment of the access commission responsible for evaluating any mafia infiltration into the institution. The commission that examined the documents of the municipal administration led by the mayor Giovanni Macrì (Forza Italia) was composed of the vice prefect Roberto Micucci, the deputy head of the Vibo Flying Squad, Ludovico Tuoni and the major of the Fiamme Gialle, Carlo Alberto Zscopio .

Infiltrations, evidently, considered well founded and already reported by some anti-mafia investigations conducted by the Catanzaro DDA in that area. Moreover, in the Vibo area there are various commissions established in the various local authorities. Three municipal councils recently dissolved (Capistrano, Soriano and Acquaro) and, before today, five in the spotlight: Miletus, Nicotera, Tropea, Philadelphia and Stefanaconi. A list to which the Asp of Vibo Valentia is added.

In short, Tropea “turns the page” and, waiting to know the decisions that led to this epilogue, meanwhile waits for the anti-mafia triad to take possession of the Town Hall. They have been intense months and the possibility of dissolution has been considered many times. So much so that the frenzy ahead of the polls has seen swings, between peaks of euphoria and depressing expectations. But at least now there is some certainty: the people of Tropea will not be called to vote for the administrative elections. In short, Tropea will not be part of the game because the thin thread (the same that binds many other municipalities in Vibo) has been severed by the incontrovertible decision that came yesterday and experienced with the weight of a disaster.
On the issue linked to the possible dissolution, Macrì had recently appealed to the political forces to review the law: «The law in force remains a useless law which, instead of isolating and repressing any illegitimacy of any kind, mortifies the very meaning of popular participation». The (now former) mayor has always highlighted that behind the dissolutions there are charges of alleged administrative illegitimacy which have nothing to do with organized crime. He therefore proposes «the same and only democratic alarm that still too few of us denounce outright. I am referring to what I have already defined on other occasions as a blank law, an imperfect rule that delegates unacceptable interference and delegitimizations in and of democratic sovereignty to authorities that are in fact not responsible for any of the negative and perverse effects caused only by local communities and for years to come.”
The commissioners who will take office shortly will have the task of ferrying the Municipality to the dawn of a summer season which should bring thousands of tourists to Tropea from all over the world.