Purification in the Vibonese area, sub-commissioner Daffinà consults the coastal municipalities


By John

In recent days, they have come under the magnifying glass the municipalities of the Vibo coastal stripwith a very high tourist density, falling in territory between Briatico and Ricadi-Joppolo, several of which are affected by the infringement procedure 2014/2059.

In the case, Briatico, Cessaniti, Drapia, Joppolo, Limbadi, Parghelia, Spilinga, Zambrone, towns bordered by the sea or in any case close to the coast. The representatives of almost all the municipalities interviewed responded to the invitation of sub-commissioner Daffinà. It was, in essence, a first meeting, anything but interlocutory, in which the sub-commissioner's structure also took part, from which it was possible to bring out specific issues inherent to the individual situations. Firstly, it was noted that the intervention had been frozen for some time and that, even more importantly, the project financing tender, dating back to 2015, i.e., nine years ago, had never been finalised. .

Consequently, the Municipalities and the commissioner's office have assessed the need to verify, first of all, the real correspondence of the project idea put up for tender in Project financing ten years ago with the current state of the sewerage-purification system of the entire area concerned, to the also light of any interventions financed and/or carried out over the years by the Municipalities themselves. It follows that the entities will have to act with maximum speed to provide the offices of the sub-commissioner for purification with documents and reports regarding the existing situation. That is, evaluate the overall state of the art. To this end, meetings and inspections have been scheduled by return post.

In the meantime, the Commissioner's Office has appointed a new Rup, identified as engineer Pierluigi Mancuso, an employee of the Region. The intent is clear: to make an impact as soon as possible by carrying out interventions that have been stopped for over a decade.

Suffice it to say that the first draft memorandum of understanding between the Municipalities, for the design, implementation and management of extraordinary interventions in the sewerage and purification sector for the geographical area between Briatico and Joppolo, dates back to 21 June 2012, following the resolution of CIPE n.60 of 30 April of that same year, governed by the strengthened Framework Program Agreement “Water purification”, signed at Mise on 5 March 2013, which had provided for financing of 160 million for the implementation of 18 interventions of purification and sewerage, the subject of a community infringement procedure, including that relating to the Vibo coast area, for an amount of 15 million (10.5 million of public funds and 4.5 million of private investments).

The provincial territory had then been divided into three parts: Angitola, Mesima and, indeed, Briatico-Joppolo. In the latter, currently in question, initially envisaged, among other works, was the functional restoration of the purification plant and the lifting stations, in some municipalities, extraordinary maintenance, the restoration and optimization of complementary works, in other centres, as well as the connection of the sewerage network relating mainly to peripheral areas. In short, a complex plan, with respect to which the sub-commissioner's office aims to have certain times to restore breathing space to an area with a high tourist vocation and avoid emergency situations, especially in the summer period. “