Maierato, 83 year old driving, hits three women on the side of the road: 61 year old in serious condition


By John

Fear in the late afternoon yesterday in Maierato. A car driven by an 83-year-old, who was traveling along a road in the locality of “La Piana”, for reasons still being investigated by the Carabinieri of the local station, hit three women who were on the side of the road. The most serious of the three, a 61-year-old, her initials DG, was dragged by the vehicle for a few meters before the driver managed to stop the ride. The Suem 118 medics arrived promptly on site and transported the three people to hospital. The 61 year old is hospitalized under code red with multiple traumas. As for the other two women, one, EB, suffered minor injuries, while the other escaped with some abrasions.