Sonia Lo Giudice from Milan is the new jazz voice of the Verdi Conservatory orchestra in Milan


By John

The Milanese Sonia Lo Giudice is the new jazz voice of the Verdi Conservatory Orchestra of Milan. An award for the eighteen year old who together with her sister Zaira (one year younger) makes up the duo Out Offline.
Despite being very young, the two musicians have participated in many training courses over the years with some of the most prominent professionals on the Italian scene (Fabio and Ivan Lazzara, Luca Pitteri, Albert Hera, Manuel Frattini, Paola Folli, Rossana Casale, Barbara Cola, Mogol, Beppe Vessicchio, Serena Brancale and many others). Both students of the “Arcangelo Corelli” conservatory of Messina, they performed in various musical events and contests of national and international importance. This year they were semi-finalists in “Una Voce per San Marino”. The new single Cicatrice allo Specchio will be released on December 1st.
Out Offline was born with the intention of making the most of the creative vein of both components through a path characterized by a sparkling and sophisticated contamination of styles ranging between the sounds of electronic music, the colors of jazz, the liveliness of fusion, the unpredictability and reminiscences of R&B.