Maneuver: I pay VAT at 22% on diapers and 10% on sanitary pads


By John

We are moving towards VAT at 22% on diapers and car seats and 10% on sanitary napkins, as anticipated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In the latest draft of the budget, diapers and car seats for children are no longer included in the categories with reduced VAT.

The inserted rule in fact eliminates the two groups of goods that were subject to the 5% reduced VAT, including sanitary napkins and tampons for the protection of feminine hygiene and female menstrual cups, powdered milk, diapers and booster seats. car for children. But female sanitary pads and powdered milk are moved to the products subject to VAT at 10%, while diapers and child seats are not reallocated, and should thus return to the ordinary rate of 22%.