From the Rome Film Festival to the Politeama Theater in Catanzaro, on November 4th Francesco Colella in “The Metamorphoses of Apuleius”


By John

We have seen him in recent days among the protagonists of the Rome Film Festival and now we will be able to see him live on the stage of the Politeama Theatre. AND Francesco Colellafrom Catanzaro, one of the most popular actors of recent years in the Italian cinema scene, who November 4 will make its national premiere in the capital with “The metamorphoses”, taken from the novel by Apuleius, an original production of the XX Autumn Festival, created by the Donne in arte association with the support of Mic, Por Calabria Fesr Fse, Calabria Straordinaria, in collaboration with the Carical Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce and Municipalities of Catanzaro, Montauro, Soverato, Tropea and Santa Caterina.

The show, written by Francesco Colella together with Francesco Lagi who is directing it, will have the Calabrian actor as its protagonist in the role of a man who, following an error during a magical ritual, finds himself transformed into a donkey, losing his voice, his appearance, his identity. Only by eating roses will he be able to return to what he was. Throughout the show there are adventurous kidnappings, tragic romantic loves, dizzying escapes, sudden betrayals, bloody tortures, dance parties, ferocious brigands and worldliness. There is the adventure of a human soul plunged into the bowels of an animal, a dark journey apparently without an exit, the attempt to tell a mystery.

For Francesco Colella it is not the first time in which, together with Lagi, he tackles the works of Apuleius: with his company Teatrodilina he is involved in the promotion of classical texts as well as more contemporary plays, confirming his cinematographic and theatrical versatility, with in which he is able to tackle the most diverse roles. Trained at the Silvio D’Amico Academy in Rome, Colella combines his intense theatrical activity with the more well-known cinematographic and television activity: his face is linked above all to TV series such as “Vite in fuga”, “Your Honor”, “Zero zero zero” and the award-winning, even abroad, “Christian”, “Trust”, “The good mothers”, but also on the big screen which includes him, among others, among the interpreters of “Aspromonte, the land of the last” by Mimmo Calopresti, “3/19” by Silvio Soldini, “Padrenostro” by Claudio Noce, “Natural left-handed” by Salvatore Allocca, “Quasi Natale” by Lagi himself.

«The Autumn Festival is proud to bring Francesco Colella to the Politeama Theater who returns to his city after a few years of absence and in a period, for him, of high and unanimous acclaim – states the artistic director of the Autumn Festival, Antonietta Santacroce -. Francesco arrives in Catanzaro fresh from the response obtained in Rome with the presentation of two feature films, “Suspicious minds” by Emiliano Corapi and “Volare” by Margherita Buy, for the first time behind the camera, and a short film, “Corpo unique” by Mia Benedetta. Now we will have, thanks to the Autumn Festival, the opportunity to see him on the stage of the Politeama in his other soul, the theatrical one, which he has never put aside: directed 17 times by maestro Luca Ronconi, Francesco Colella, he collaborated with some of the most important and interesting names in contemporary Italian theatre, from Federico Tiezzi to Serena Sinigaglia and Carmelo Rifici, collaborations that have earned him numerous awards, including the Ubu Prize in 2010. We can’t wait to see him on stage with the “ his” Apuleius. It will be, as usual, an unmissable event.”