Maneuver, three joint opposition amendments against healthcare cuts ready


By John

«This government’s maneuver does not respond in any way to citizens’ requests for care and cuts services and pensions of doctors and nurses. For this reason, our opinion can only be strongly negative. Democratic Party, 5 Star Movement, Green Left Alliance, More Europe and the Italian Socialist Party have therefore shared a package made up of three common amendments on healthcare which will be deposited today in the Senate».

The Pd health manager wrote this in a note Marina Serenithe group leaders in the Health Commission Sandra Zampa and Marco Furfarothe parliamentarians of the M5S Mariolina Castellone, Orfeo Mazzella and Andrea Quartinithe group leader Luana Zanella and the senator Tino Magni for AVS, the representatives of +Europa Tania Pace And Giordano MasiniAnd Livio Valvano PSI health manager. «The first concerns the allocation of 4 billion euros for the year 2024 in order to start a process of progressive increase in national healthcare needs to gradually reach an annual financing percentage of no less than 7.5% of the gross domestic product. Of these additional resources, 1 billion will be allocated to the hiring of new healthcare personnel – they explain -. The second amendment provides for the creation of a fund of 600 million aimed at starting the implementation of enabling law no. 33 of 2023 on the assistance of non-self-sufficient elderly people for which the budget law does not provide any funding. The third amendment concerns the measures for the reduction of waiting lists and entirely replaces the government’s proposal, focusing on more staff, intra-moenia costs borne by the national health service and not by the citizen, centralized management of the lists, limiting the recourse to the private sector accredited only until 2024. These are concrete responses to the critical issues of Italian healthcare and the needs of our citizens”, they conclude.