Maritime ETS and the port of Gioia Tauro: Minister Fratin brings the topic to the tables in Brussels


By John

The Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratinthrough the Italian Representation in Brussels, requested and obtained that in the next Environment Council, scheduled for 16 October in Luxembourg, it be included among the items on the agenda an Italian information on the topic of the maritime ETS.

On this occasion, Italy intends to bring to the attention of the 27 the potential negative repercussions of theapplication of the ETS directive to maritime transport in EU ports of call for the transhipment of containers, which in the current approach would also see some Italian ports penalised, including that of Gioia Tauro. “We will vigorously defend our ports in Europe” declared Minister Pichetto Fratin announcing the Italian initiative of the next Environment Council.