Melito Porto Salvo, the municipal cemetery in total abandonment


By John

From a mini pile of tires to clusters of dried flowers, from garbage bags to “forests” of shrubs. The photograph of the new cemetery taken in this end of August is not a pretty sight. The carelessness is maximum. The discontent of those who go to visit their loved ones is equally great. Albeit indirectly, the “spokesman” of the complaints of the citizens of Melito Porto Salvo has been made Vincent Crea, sole contact person of Ancadic and head of the spontaneous committee “Torrente Oliveto”. With a note addressed to the mayor Salvatore Orlando and all the Administration, calls for immediate action for a radical cleaning of the area to which, as far as it represents, full dignity must be restored.
«The mayor and the municipal administration – explains Crea – were asked to arrange for a diligent cleaning operation in the municipal cemetery located in the locality of Lembo, whose conditions of degradation and abandonment are evident. As of 18 August, the presence of undergrowth and weeds appears, especially in areas that have not yet been built up, where there is also the presence of plastic material, old tyres, bituminous sheaths, bags containing waste, glass and plastic bottles”.