Meloni and migrants: “I invited von der Leyen to Lampedusa, new centers soon”


By John

«We are already working on strengthening of repatriation centers so that anyone who enters Italy illegally is effectively detained in these structures for all the time necessary for the definition of his possible asylum request and for his actual expulsion if he is irregular, because other years of immigrationist governments have given us a situation in which the places in the detention centers for repatriations are scandalously limited ». Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a video released by Palazzo Chigi.

«The Italian government immediately intends to adopt extraordinary measures to deal with the number of landings we have seen on our coasts». «In the council of ministers on Monday we will bring a change to the detention period in detention centers for the repatriation of those who enter Italy illegally», the limit “will be raised to the maximum allowed by European legislation, i.e. 18 months”the measure “does not concern asylum seekers for whom today the maximum term is already 12 months and will not be modified”, observes the Prime Minister.

«I announce that I have written to the president of the European Commission to ask her to come with me to Lampedusa to personally realize the gravity of the situation we face, and to immediately accelerate the implementation of the agreement with Tunisia by transferring the agreed resources. The president has always been collaborative and I have no doubt that she will be so this time too »Meloni said again, referring to the contacts she had with Von der Leyen.

«In the council of ministers on Monday, the defense will be given a mandate create new facilities for migrants in the shortest time possible so that they are sufficient to detain illegal immigrants. We will give the mandate to build these structures in locations with very low population density and easily perimeter and surveillance.”