Meloni’s wishes: “Let them be celebrations of serenity and pride”. The Prime Minister’s video message on social media


By John

“I want to wish every single Italian a Merry Christmas. May it be a Christmas of serenity, may it be a Christmas of pride. The government is doing its part to help Italy in this difficult situation in which we find ourselves, but it is important the enthusiasm of each of us and so I hope that it will be a Christmas of enthusiasm, a peaceful Christmas, that it will be peaceful holidays”. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, says it in a video message on social media. “I want to address a special thought – he adds – to those Italians who, even on holidays, will work to guarantee that each of us has essential services: those who work in the police forces, those who work in hospitals, those who are engaged in peace abroad. To them above all, thank you. And – he concludes -, best wishes to Italy”.