Reggina, high concentration to climb the rankings again


By John

The eve of a treacherous away match for Reggina. In Ragusa the amaranths of Bruno Trocini they play a lot, in a championship where the margin for error has become very limited if you want to aim for the top positions. The match is one in which the team has already shown that it suffers a lot, with opponents who run a lot and always put in something extra when they find themselves facing a renowned team. Now, however, is the time to demonstrate important maturity.
The Sicilians will not have a match played on Wednesday in their legs. An additional difficulty to consider in the premises of the comparison, but the discussion to be made is broader. After the match on November 1st against Trapani, Trocini’s men will have played over a quarter of the championship in less than a month and a half (ten matches, with the debut on September 24th against San Luca).

A concentration of commitments that undoubtedly represented a problem for the amaranths, who would have needed to train more together to get to know each other. Reggina arrives at the match against Ragusa not at their best, with heavy absences and with the absolute need to win. Obtaining three points in Sicily would mean having the possibility of hosting leaders Trapani at the “Granillo” with a maximum of seven points behind. In fact, the spoils deriving from the forfeit victory against Città di Sant’Agata, which should arrive within a few days, must be added to the rankings.
Considering the premises and the known critical issues, the efforts made by the team have been important and it would be a shame to stop now. The current Reggina is not worth Trapani, but there is curiosity to know how it could grow with the stimuli of a great objective on the horizon, the additions of Rosseti, Bolzicco and some new purchases in December. The former Siena striker is recovering, while the Argentine center forward will make his debut on November 12th.
A lot depends on the next match. Ragusa will need proof of character, quality and intelligence. Amaranths are stronger under normal conditions, but at this stage there is the unknown of residual and absent energy. Barillà, who had a sprained ankle, will be evaluated until the last hours before the match. Even if we don’t have him at his best, it would be too important to recover him but it remains not easy. There will be no Cham, little hope for Zanchi. Girasole, on the other hand, should return to the squad.
We hope to see a Reggina in the Lamezia format again, but it will be a different match. The Iblei will hardly leave space like their last opponent did. There will be less opportunity for the wingers to sprint in the open field and alternative attacking routes will need to be found.
We are likely to move towards the confirmation of the back four and with Salandria in front of the defence. The midfielder guaranteed balance and solidity. Trocini will instead have to choose whether to focus on the young Coppola at the center of the attack or return to proposing an offensive trident made up of short players.