Messina, 23 million for housing hardship: around 250 properties will be purchased


By John

Twenty-three million euros to address housing hardship in the city. The announcement came this morning during a press conference at Palazzo Zanca with the mayor Federico Basile the deputy Salvatore Mondello the councilors Alessandra Calafiore and Roberto Cicalathe presidents of the Arisme and Patrimonio agencies and the sub-commissioner Marcello Scurria.

A portion of the 145 million euro financing of the so-called PinquA, they will be used rather than for the construction of new homes for the recovery of apartments in the city that can be purchased by the Municipality and made available to those who have a profile that falls within the so-called housing hardship.

“A structural solution that surpasses the emergency one that has been used so far” was said at the table. A new public notice will be created to draw up an updated ranking of the housing emergency in the city with these funds it will be possible to purchase between 250 and 300 homes.