Reggio is increasingly linked to Salvini


By John

The League “meets Reggio Calabria” and embraces the city councilor Antonino Caridi among its ranks, last to climb, in chronological order, on Matteo Salvini’s Carroccio. The occasion was made official yesterday morning, in a meeting in the conference room of Confindustria Reggio, in the presence, among others, of the Undersecretary of Labour, Claudio Durigon. With the entry into Caridi, elected in the last elections with Forza Italia, the Lega group at Palazzo San Giorgio rises to 5 councilors, taking into account the current group leader Giuseppe De Biasi and the other councilors, Antonino Minicuci, Armando Neri and Mario Cardia.
The underlying theme of the event often intersected with the commitment of the government and minister Matteo Salvini for the construction of the Bridge over the Strait and other infrastructure works. The president of Confindustria Reggio himself, Domenico Vecchio, bringing the association’s greetings, while appreciating the programmatic commitment to infrastructure, maintained a “St. Thomas” approach to the Bridge: «I won’t believe it if we don’t see the work begin», he said greeting Undersecretary Durigon, also recalling the “strategic potential of the port and the backport of Gioia Tauro”. Many leading executives of the Northern League and representatives in the institutions were present to welcome the new municipal councilor and the undersecretary, from the president of the Calabrian regional council, Filippo Mancuso, the senator Tilde Minasi, the regional councilors Giuseppe Mattiani and Giuseppe Gelardi, the regional commissioner Giacomo Saccomanno and the city one Franco Recupero. The new Northern League member Antonino Caridi spoke of a «choice that has been made for some time, for several months. This is a path designed because of the project that the League is carrying out in Calabria in many sectors, above all that of infrastructure and the Bridge”.