Messina, act of vandalism at the Town Hall: the parking lock broken


By John

Yet another act of vandalism carried out by unknown persons within the municipal area of ​​Palazzo Zanca: the bolt at the entrance to the car park in Via Consolato del Mare was broken. The president of the municipal council reported the incident, which occurred between the night of the 15th and the morning of the 16th. Nello Pergolizziasking the Mayor, the councilor with responsibility for information and technological services, the general manager and the commander of the Municipal Police a copy of the videos relating to the event (the area is subject to video surveillance), through which it is possible to trace those responsible for the damage, inviting them to take all appropriate initiatives in this regard, also through the acquisition of a service report by the staff at the Palazzo Zanca Guard and the consequent reporting to the Judicial Authority. “To this end, we read in the note from the president of the city council, it is represented that the legislator in art. 635 of the Criminal Code (Damage), has provided for sanctions for anyone who destroys, disperses, deteriorates or renders, in whole or in part, unusable the movable or immovable property of others and the special aggravating circumstance where the crime is committed to the detriment of public buildings or buildings intended for public use, or again – through the express reference to n. 7 of the art. 625 of the Criminal Code – on things existing in public offices or establishments, or intended for public service”.