“Nuvola”, final day with the regional cosplay gathering and the first edition of the Gianni De Luca award


By John

Anticipation is growing for the final day of Nuvola, the first comics, gaming and art festival in the city of Catanzaro. On Sunday 16 June, the regional cosplay gathering and the related contest will be held on the Sandro Pertini terrace of the San Giovanni monumental complex, at the end of which the “best cosplay”, “best performance” and “best tailoring” prizes will be awarded. The day of events will begin at 10am when the seminar on the Manga by is scheduled Vincenzo Filosa. At the same time the board games organized by the Antro del Troll association will also begin. At 11am, however, the “One Piece” themed treasure hunt will be held by the Diversity association. Also at 11, in the cloister of the monumental complex there will be a presentation of the graphic novel “Officine del macello, la decimazione della Brigata Catanzaro” with the authors Elettra Stamboulis and Gianluca Costantini. The meeting, which will be moderated by the journalist Bruno Mirante, will see the participation of the scholar Mario Saccà and the historian Salvatore Bullotta. Also in the Nuvola talk area, at 4 pm, the presentation of issue zero of the Giallo China magazine will be held with the participation of the editorial director Laura Papa and the screenwriter Giulia Biondino. Following, at 5pm, the authors Elettra Stamboulis and Gianluca Costantini will discuss the graphic novels “Julian Assange. From hacker ethics to Wikileaks” together with journalists Andrea Celia Magno and Antonio Liotta.

Nuvola Comics will end with the first edition of the Gianni De Luca Award, scheduled at 6.30 pm. The award intends to bring young generations closer to the art of comics, drawing and illustration, has cultural and non-profit purposes, and has no specific funds allocated. All personalities who have achieved particular successes in the field of artistic creation, particularly illustration and comics, painting and engraving, as well as prominent personalities in the field of entrepreneurship linked to the world of art and comics, can compete. . The award is named after Gianni De Luca, cartoonist, illustrator, painter and engraver, originally from Gagliato, among the greatest masters of the ninth art, to whom he dedicated most of his experiments. The Technical Jury, which will have the task of selecting the profiles of the finalist artists on the basis of evident and proven professional merits, is composed of: Donatella Monteverdi (Culture Councilor of the Municipality of Catanzaro), Virgilio Piccari (President of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro ), Tito Faraci (Cartoonist, writer, editor of the Feltrinelli Comics series), Andrea Mazzotta (Journalist and expert in comics art), Laura De Luca (Journalist, artist and daughter of Gianni De Luca). The prize consists of an artistic artefact created by the student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro Alois Arruzza.