Messina, Brogni and Provenzano the next reinforcements to close


By John

Rest phase waiting to start working and sweating again. After the weeks of retreat in Sila, Messina will start again on Wednesday 16 August in the city, at the “Marullo” in Bisconte, on the synthetic pitch made available by the Camaro organizational structure which manages the structure under a multi-year concession. The technical staff led by Giacomo Modica will restart the team from where it left off, still putting “fuel” in the legs so that the group is ready for the first official commitments. On a physical level, the players in the squad have pushed a lot, but it is clear that there are still some aspects that make the journey incomplete.
So far the technical-tactical directives have been tested with opponents of lower caliber, by voluntary choice of the coach who prefers to face “soft” rivals to “understand the team’s degree of learning”. In the coming weeks, the level will rise, with some formations more competitive than those faced in Calabria.
The other very open chapter, of course, is the one related to the transfer market. Just over 15 days to complete the team, inserting into the engine those profiles necessary to make the team competitive in terms of numbers and quality. Three, maybe a few more if there were to be exits (there could be Iannone and Daga at the start). The slots are the ones now known.
An alternative left-back in Tropea: in the last few hours there seems to have been a strong acceleration for Giorgio Brogni, profile that the Peloritans had been targeting for weeks, first choice for the left-handed lane, capable of combining freshness but also personality, having already collected important experience with the Atalanta youth team and in Serie C. For the 2001 class, currently aggregated with the Nerazzurri’s Under 23 team, after a recent slowdown, the go-ahead for a loan would have arrived. At this point Baldovino Cimino, born in 2004 from Cosenza, who played in the Italian Cup yesterday (23 appearances, 1 goal and 6 assists last season with the rossobl├╣ Primavera) would be missing. In theory, Messina would also be looking for a right winger who could act as an alternative to Lia, but will have to balance the number of players included in the Lega Pro “plank”.
The other boxes to be filled are those of the midfielder and the attacker. For the midfielder, as anticipated yesterday, the profile currently in pole position is that of Francesco Ardizzone, 31 years old, owned by Turris but his last year in Lecco, originally from Palermo. Compared to the striker, the position remains unchanged: no crazy spending, the “secret” forward who could come from Serie B is at the top of the preferences, alternatively another profile that would in any case correspond to the characteristics required by Mr. Modica.
It’s time to squeeze, to get ready for the first official commitments of a difficult season, also looking at the squads of the other teams in the southern grouping.