Messina, caught with drugs and a gun in the house. A 51-year-old man arrested


By John

In recent days, as part of the services aimed at search for clandestine weapons and from fight against drug traffickingthe carabinieri of the Messina Gazzi station have a 51-year-old from Messina was arrestedalready known to the police, held responsible for possession of an illegal gun and narcotic substances.

The man ended up in the sights of the military who, during the territorial control services, had noticed a strange coming and going of people wandering near his home. Observation and shadowing services were therefore set up, which made it possible to hypothesize the existence of a drug dealing activity at the monitored home, which is why, on Wednesday evening, following some surveillance services observation, the military personnel carried out a search of the home used by the 51-year-old. The investigative intuition of the military proved to be well founded given that, following the search, over 90 grams of crack cocaine were found and seized, 6 grams of cocaine and three precision scales. The search also allowed the Carabinieri to find, cleverly hidden inside the furniture of a room, a 9 caliber pistol with stamped serial number and 3 cartridges of the same caliber, illegally held by the man.

Together with the drugs found, the gun, with the ammunition, was seized and sent to the Carabinieri of the RIS of Messina for the execution of ballistic tests and the restoration of the weapon’s serial number, aimed at verifying, in particular, whether it had been used for committing crimes.

The 51-year-old was arrested flagrantly for possession of an illegal weapon and related ammunition and narcotic substances and, at the disposal of the judicial authority, confined to the Messina Gazzi prison, waiting to be judged for the crimes charged to him.