Messina, cowardly gesture on Christmas night. The statue of a Wise King outside the Carmine church was stolen


By John

It was thought one of the Magi had lost his way and instead the sad discovery of the theft: it happened last night in the garden of the Carmine church where every year a characteristic Nativity is set up. Father Gianfranco Centorrino He immediately denounced the cowardly act committed on Christmas Eve. “We must be like the sentinels of Bethlehem capable of spreading the Good News. It pains me to have to report what happened on this day of celebration, but I must express all my disappointment for this gesture which already has precedents in the church of San Luca.
We cannot remain silent, beyond the value of the statue, this stunt is a clear expression of a discomfort that needs attention. I hope that whoever stole the statue has the courage and common sense to return it, I am sure that light will prevail over darkness!”.

The officers of the investigative section of the Municipal Police intervened immediately with the deputy commander Giovanni Giardina, who in the next few hours will ask to be able to view the videos taken by the Court cameras.