Messina, excellent equal to Picerno: Emmausso responds from the spot to Murano

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By John

MARKERS: 25′ st Murano (P), 29′ st Emmausso (M, penalty)
PICERNO (4-2-3-1): Summa 6; Garcia 6, Gilli 6.5, Allegretto 6.5, Guerra 5.5; De Ciancio 5.5 (20′ st Pitarresi 6), Gallo 6 (44′ st Graziani sv); Vitali 6, E. Esposito 6, De Cristofaro 5.5 (1′ st Albadoro 6); Murano 7 (44′ st Santarcangelo 5.5). Available: Merelli, A. Esposito, Maiorino, Ciko, Biasiol, Savarese, Diop. All.: Longo 6.
MESSINA (4-3-3): Fumagalli 7.5; Salvo 6 (36′ st Darini sv), Manetta 6.5, (26′ st Polito 6), Ferrara 6, Ortisi 6; Frisenna 6, Franco 5.5, Cavallo 6.5 (45′ st Giunta sv); Ragusa 5.5 (36′ st Scafetta sv), Plescia 6.5 (45′ st Luciani sv), Emmausso 6.5. Available De Matteis, Buffa, Zunno, Tropea. Annex Modica 6.
REFEREE: Vergaro di Bari 5. Linesman: Pinna-Pandolfi. Fourth official: Cortale.
NOTE: approximately 900 spectators. Booked: De Cristofaro (P), Franco (M), Ferrara (M), Garcia (P), Manetta (M), Guerra (P), Cavallo (M), Salvo (M), Ragusa (M), Gilli ( P). Corners: 4-4. Recovery time: 2′ time, 5′ time.

Excellent draw for Messina who return from Picerno with a point that allows the Modica team to follow up on last week’s success. The Peloritani went behind in the second half but after a few minutes they found the equalizer: Gilli brought down Plescia in the area and from the spot the former Emmausso displaced Summa and immediately restored parity. Second goal of the season for the playmaker.