Messina doesn’t go beyond a 1-1 draw in injury time with Casertana


By John

Scorers: 20′ st aut. Anastasio, 32′ st Damian (C)

Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli; Lia, Ferrara, Manetta, Ortisi; Frisenna, Franco, Giunta (15′ st Tropea); Cavallo (40′ st Zunno), Plescia (40′ st Luciani), Emmausso (15′ st Ragusa). All. Modica.

Casertana (4-3-3): Venturi; Calapai (30′ st Paglino), Celiento, Sciacca, Anastasio; Casoli, Damian, Proietti (28′ st Tavernelli); Carretta (1st st Toscano), Montalto, Curcio. Available Cangelosi.

Referee: Rinaldi of Bassano del Grappa

Draw and draw in the recovery of the second day of the championship between Messina and Casertana. A 1-1 with a bitter aftertaste for the biancoscudati, capable of taking the lead in the 65th minute with Anastasio’s own goal (the sliding deflection on Ragusa’s cross-court was decisive) to crown an excellent approach to the second half after an overall balanced first half . Joy that lasts just twelve minutes, with Casertana finding the equalizer in the 77th minute thanks to Damian’s powerful and precise diagonal who, as an ex, does not rejoice, “apologizing” to the Curva. A goal for which the responsibility of Messina’s defense is great, entirely cut off by Anastasio’s assist.