Messina, hides 1.5 kg of marijuana in the cellar: the police arrest a twenty-seven year old


By John

Yesterday afternoon, during the anti-drug services ordered by the Police Commissioner of Messina, the Flying Squad arrested a 27-year-old from Messinaalready burdened by specific police prejudices.
In particular, the Mobile men carried out a search at the home of a subject, already known to investigators, finding and seizing 1.5 kg of marijuana and a few grams of cocaine already packaged and ready to be placed on the market.
The narcotic was hidden inside a cellar, used as a real drug dealing centre; the same was, in fact, equipped with an impressive video surveillance system which allowed the subject to monitor the possible arrival of the police and a door with a slit, hidden with cardboard, aimed at delivering the narcotic to the various users .
During the search, the operators also seized, in addition to the material necessary for packaging, a large lamp and packets of seeds used for the greenhouse cultivation of the narcotic.
The man was therefore arrested for possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing and placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority.