Vibo, 2024 elections: M5S and Pd towards a breakup. Center-left on the high seas


By John

The road that should lead the center-left to present itself united in the next local elections has suddenly become uphillscheduled for the spring of 2024. Thus, while the center-right shows off strength in public, deploying its general staff, on the occasion of events desired by the administration, on the other side of the barricade the clash between the progressive forces seems to reach a point of no return.

The situation worsened after the coalition table which saw as protagonists, on Friday evening, the Democratic Party, with Francesco Colelli and Raffaele Mammoliti, respectively city secretary and regional councilor, the Five Star Movement, with Riccardo Tucci and Michele Furci, the Progressives , with Antonio Lo Schiavo, the group leader of the Misto in the regional council as well as coordinator of the table, and Loredana Pilegi, municipal councilor of reference, and Social Humanism, the association headed by Domenico Consoli, former head of the Neurology department of the Jazzolino and twice candidate for the regional council. Well, beyond the diversity of positions, with the Dems convinced that a synthesis must be made through the primaries and the Cinquestelle of the exact opposite, there is also a difference of views between the main force of the center-left and the other actors at the table, with respect to the need to broaden the coalition perhaps after having identified a method that allows you to choose the candidate for mayor.