Messina, last stage of work on the Fiumefreddo pipeline: the interventions foreseen in the timetable have been completed


By John

The fifth and final sacrifice. This morning, respecting the established timetable, the three days of inconvenience for the planned water separation began, useful for completing the work on the Fiumefreddo aqueduct and the mitigation of a vulnerability that Messina paid dearly for nine years ago. The interruption of distribution occurred around 7 this morning, while the actual works started around 9am with the cutting of the pipe in the two key points – Sant'Alessio and Alì – where the replacement and installation of dielectric joints is expected. Work is also underway in five points of the pipeline: in Letojanni, Santa Teresa and Itala to replace drains and vents in the pipeline.

The intervention itself will last a maximum of 24 hours, but we will have to wait until Sunday for water supply to resume at full capacity in the city, according to a program that the people of Messina have learned to know. In the meantime, the territory of the intervention must be limited, which remains between Mortelle and Contesse, so the rest of the territory will not have any kind of repercussions. Then, the restoration of supply or in any case the first “taps” to turn back on will be those in the southern area, probably already next night.

During tomorrow, it will first be the turn of the area up to Viale Europa (always starting from the south), then in the afternoon or evening, it will be the turn of the city center up to Piazza Castronovo (excluding Giostra however and the entire upstream part) . Finally, the northern area, which will have water from Sunday morning but will only be fully operational on Monday.

Also planned for this stop is a system of aid to the population, with both itinerant and fixed stations in four points of the city: Annunziata; via Girolamo Savonarola intersection Via Onofrio Gabriele (near Piazza Castronovo); Amam headquarters in Viale Giostra – Pick up; viale Europa, near Piedmont Hospital; via Principe Umberto, near Serbatoio Torre Vittoria (crossroads with via Michele Amari). Active as early as this morning at 8, the COC will be operational until midnight and again from tomorrow morning at 7.30. The single number to contact to book supplies with mobile tankers is 09022866. This morning there were around fifteen requests for interventionespecially of commercial activities such as restaurants or hairdressers that have small tanks available.

«These interventions will concern the replacement of the connections from Letojanni to Itala, and in addition to those targeted within the Fiumefreddo vulnerability project, I remember – underlined Mayor Basile in the press conference last Tuesday – a series of important activities in the sector regarding the works started by Gazzi all'Annunziata”.

The interventions foreseen by the timetable have been completed

The supply will be restored starting from tomorrow, in the morning from Giampilieri to Viale Europa, in the late morning from Viale Europa to Piazza Castronovo, in the afternoon on Viale Italia, on Viale Regina Elena, in Gravitelli and on Tommaso Cannizzaro, in late afternoon from Piazza Castronovo to Torre Faro and tomorrow night in the villages. To continue to guarantee maximum support, the Municipal Operations Center (COC) remains active, reachable on the telephone number 090 22866 from 7.30 am until midnight tomorrow.

The Municipality of Messina and AMAM SpA thank the citizens for the patience and collaboration shown during this fifth and final project step of planned water interruption.