Taurianova Capital of the Book… «A story to write together»


By John

«A story to write together». This is the horizon traced by the Taurianova Italian Capital of the Book 2024 project. Yesterday afternoon, in the evocative garden of Villa Zerbi, the curtain was raised on an event that is attracting attention, energy and collaborations from the entire country, activating unexpected and surprising synergies . A mosaic of interactions which, well beyond enthusiasm, is already starting to show the first practical results. During the well-attended press conference, the administration illustrated the times, directions and tools that will lead to the completion of a path “of growth and redemption for the city and the territory through culture”. An objective already written in the logo chosen to represent the title of Capital: the Arabian phoenix (heraldry of the municipal coat of arms) which is reborn from its ashes and takes flight propelled by wings made of books. A suggestion placed on a yellow background: the color “donated” by the artist Cesare Berlingeri. Here's the meaning. Culture as syncretism, as contamination, as dialogue between arts.
This “mission” rests its foundations in the “The City of Culture” project and, above all, on the relaunch of the “Antonio Renda” city library which, according to the program set up by the administration, will reopen its doors in the next few days. A new idea of ​​”public service” applied to a laboratory that calls for new development models to face the challenges of the future. From here, from books and raising awareness of reading, we set off on a journey that unites the cultural, social and tourist ambitions of the city. But the Italian Book Capital 2024 is the “Taurianova Legge” format, the book fair, “Taurianoir”. And again, the theatre, children's books, “history at the table”, big events.
Only the day before yesterday the Municipality has signed three twinning agreements with the Concorso dei Madonnari, Il Villaggio Sud Agrifest and the Infiorata. And then, like a bud ready to bloom, the ferment of the subjects adhering to the Reading Pact.
Present at the speakers' table, together with the mayor of Taurianova Roy Biasi and the councilor for Culture Maria Fedele, the president of the commission of the Ministry of Culture which evaluated the proposals for the Italian Capital of Books 2024 competition, Pierfranco Bruni, the vice-president of Calabria Region Giusy Princi, the deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City Carmelo Versace. Cepell president Adriano Monti – Buzzetti connected via video.