Messina, Maurizio Croce resigns from the position of municipal councilor “for strictly personal reasons”


By John

Maurizio Croce resigned. The decision is contained in a communication sent to the President of the Municipal Council of Messina, Sebastiano Pergolizzi, to the general secretary, Rossana Carrubba, to the mayor Federico Basile, and to the general director, Salvo Puccio, in which Croce communicates his irrevocable resignation from the position of city ​​councilor, “which best losing mayor, in the electoral round of 12 June 2022”, for “strictly personal reasons”.

In the past few hours ithe prefect of Messina, Cosima Di Stani, had signed the measure verifying the legal suspension from the office of municipal councilor of Messina Maurizio Croce. The provision was adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 235/2012 following the sending, by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Messina – Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, of the order issued on 4 March 2024 by the Court of Messina which ordered the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest against the same municipal councilor.

Cateno De Luca, the leader of “South calls North”, had also invited Croce to resign: “Maurizio Croce shows respect for the city of Messina and tenders his resignation from a role he has never honored in the city council”.