Messina, Omar and Nero, friends forever, will still “live” in the square of Ganzirri


By John

They were called Omar and Nero. They were two four-legged friends from the northern coast of Messina who will now “live” forever in the center of Ganzirri in the little Antonino Cutugno square, in front of the church. Thanks to a sculpture that was discovered this afternoon in the presence of the mayor Basile and the councilor responsible for toponymy Minutoli. A work resulting from the mastery of Antonello Arena, and also from the contribution of all those who generously joined the fundraiser to get the project started.
And the story is moving: «It is thought that Omar and Nero – says Raffaele Musicò – were two brothers presumably born between 2008 and 2009, two similar labradors, of medium size. Initially, in their first years of life, both had a different owner, but as they grew up, for reasons unknown to us, they were abandoned, free to wander the streets without any reference, and for this reason they over time became territorial dogs. From the neighborhood.”
The two puppies lived for at least 10 years between Granatari, Ganzirri and S. Agata, and Raffaele Musicò and Antonio Passalacqua became their trusted human friends who looked after them completely, making sure they didn’t miss anything between food, bath and the classic checks at the vet.

But everything does not arise by chance: «I have always loved animals – recalls the animal rights activist – but Raffaele, active in helping the most unfortunate furry friends, has been renamed as the “messenger of peace” and “the friend of dogs”. ” was born with the advent of social networks. Every day I saw posts about abandoned or worse yet mistreated dogs and cats. Curiosity led me to learn more, to read, to inform myself about the animal world, and I understood the malaise that invades man, which leads him to the destruction of his fellow men. In short, something finally clicked in me. Since then I have changed, my life has changed, I have made myself available to my animal friends, dogs, cats and birds. I volunteer, I am in all respects an animal rights activist, including an environmentalist, I collaborate with various associations.”