Messina, refuses to get off the carriage and attacks the conductor and the agents: 23-year-old arrested


By John

The Messina Railway Police, during the services set up for the prevention and repression of crimes in the railway sector, arrested a 23-year-old Belarusian citizen, following of the physical assault against the officers and a train conductor. The man, in the Catania railway station, in undertaking the journey, prevented the departure of the train, placing himself between the doors, to await the arrival of another traveller. With this gesture, the individual caused the train to be delayed by approximately 17 minutes.
The Belarusian, who only gave up his conduct on the arrival of the Polfer agents from Catania, arrived at the terminal station of Messina, inexplicably refused to get off the train, despite being repeatedly urged by the railway staff and furthermore he did not decline the personal details, threatening and violently beating the conductor on the arm. Informed by the Operations Room, the operators of the Polfer Section of Messina intervened at the railway carrier where they identified the traveler who, even in this circumstance, refused to provide personal details, engaging in aggressive and violent attitudes. The criminal, therefore, was blocked by the policemen with no small difficulty, so much so that in the agitated phases, four officers suffered injuries. The man, subjected to a search, was found by police operators in possession of almost 3 grams of narcotic substance (cannabis), promptly seized. On the aggressor, the competent Judicial Authority, in the summary judgment, inflicted the measure of the daily signature obligation.