Messina, scholarships for three-year degrees in 20 schools: priority for weaker groups


By John

Priority to the weakest groups from the point of view of economic income but also meritocratic evaluation: the Messina Committee of ANSI (Italian National School Association)takes to the field to support the graduates of twenty upper secondary schools in the city and the province, making scholarships available that will allow access to the three-year degree courses of the Pegaso and Mercatorum digital universities. Friday 21 June at 10 am press conference in the Hall of Mirrors of the Metropolitan City of Messina (Palazzo dei Leoni): during the meeting the memorandum of understanding will be signed between ANSI and the school directors of the institutes involved which are: ITT E. Majorana Milazzo , Istituto G. La Farina, IIS E. Basile, IIS Antonello, ITTL Caio Duilio, IIS F. Bisazza, IIS AM Jaci, IIS Verona Trento, E. Majorana, Istituto Pietro Cuppari, IIS G. Minutoli, ITC Quasimodo, ITT- LSSA Copernico Barcellona, ​​ITET E. Fermi Barcellona, ​​IIS Medi Institute of Barcellona, ​​ITET G. Tomasi di Lampedusa S. Agata di Militello, IIS Sciascia- Fermi S. Agata di Militello, Torricelli S. Agata Militello, ITET Leonardo Da Vinci Milazzo and Stelio Vitale Modica private institute.
Our goal is to give the opportunity to all those who have difficulties or who deserve help – explains President Ansi Raffaele Bonanni – to be able to continue with university education after school to adequately prepare for entry into the world of work. We need to keep up with the times and we are focusing on new technologies that today allow us to study and grow even remotely. With this initiative, our social commitment continues both at a national and local level: just in recent weeks, again in Messina, we have awarded some scholarships to students residing in the areas destined for the clearance”.
At the meeting on Friday, after the greeting from the metropolitan mayor Federico Basile and the director of the USP (Provincial Education Office) Stello Vadalaspeakers will include: the president Ansi Raffaele Bonanni, the communication manager of the Pegaso and Mercatorum digital universities of Messina Valentina Received and the heads of educational institutions. Among the guests was the government sub-commissioner for rehabilitation Marcello Scurriathe president of Messina Social City Valeria Asquini and the president of Arisme Vincenzo La Cava.