Messina smiles again: Pacciardi and Emmausso knock out Monterosi who misses two penalties

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By John

Messina smiles again. After five dry matches, the Peloritani from Modica win at Monterosi at the end of a daring match. Messina took the lead in the first half with Pacciardi, who scored with a header. In the second half everything and the opposite of everything, with three penalties. At 1-0 for the Giallorossi, a penalty for the hosts but Silipo kicks it onto the crossbar. From eleven metres, however, Emmausso is lethal, displacing Mastrantonio and putting Messina up 2-0. All finished? No way. Another penalty and another error from Monterosi, with Fumagalli blocking Costantino’s shot. Three golden points in the key to salvation and a bit of serenity for Modica which strengthens its shaky bench.

Monterosi-Messina 0-2

MARKERS: 36′ pt Pacciardi, 25′ st Emmausso (rig)

Monterosi (3-5-2): Mastrantonio 6; Cinaglia 5 (1′ st Frediani 5.5), Mbende 6, Sini 6; Bittante 5.5, Fantacci 6 (28’st Costantino 5), Parlati 5.5, Verde 5.5 (28’st Tolomello 5.5), Di Renzo 5.5; Silipo 5.5 (40’st Palazzino ng), Vano 6 (1’st Ekuban 5). Available Rigon, Di Francesco, Giordani. All. Taurino 5.5.

Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli 7; Polito 6, Manetta 6, Pacciardi 6.5, Ortisi 6; Firenze 6, Scafetta 5.5 (32’st Salvo ng), Frisenna 6; Ragusa 6.5 (32’st Ferrara ng), Plescia 6 (47’st Zunno ng), Emmausso 7.5 (47’st Luciani ng). Available Di Bello, Cavallo, Zammit, Tropea. Annex Modica 6.5.

Referee: Iacobellis of Pisa 6

Note: In the 22nd minute Silipo misses a penalty (crossbar). In the 40th minute Fumagalli saved a penalty from Costantino. Booked: Vano, Pacciardi, Fantacci, Polito, Fumagalli, Mastrantonio. Corners: 4-2 for Messina. Recovery: st 2′, st 5′.