Gizzeria, accident on the motorway heading south: four injured, woman pulled from the wreckage


By John

Accident this afternoon, along the A2 “Autostrada del Mediterraneo”, towards Villa San Giovanni, in the municipal area of ​​Gizzeria in the province of Catanzaro. Two cars were involved: a Peugeot 508 and a BMW Z4. Four people were injured. The firefighters had to extract a woman who was stuck in the passenger compartment of the Peugeot. The woman was then entrusted to the healthcare staff of Suem118 for the necessary treatment and subsequent transfer to a hospital facility. The other three injured were also transported by ambulance to a hospital for further checks and checks.
The firefighters then proceeded to make the site and the vehicles safe. Traffic police and Anas personnel are on site for the relevant obligations. The A2 motorway, in the section affected by the accident, was closed to traffic until the end of the rescue operations.