Messina: stop at the Palacultura for Vincenzo Schettini, the influencer professor known for “The physics we like”


By John

First stage of the event “Journey to the center of expertise” at the Palacultura. On stage the young presenter from Messina Naomi David And the influencer professor Vincenzo Schettini, known above all for “The Physics We Like”, who recounted his experience without shying away from the students’ numerous questions. Palacultura theater full in every seat with over 800 children from eight different city high schools.

Professor dreams, ambitions, opportunities, occasions of a young audience who filled you with questions and to whom you gave yourself completely.

And I did it with great love and with great desire. Because all those dreams, those ambitions, the goals we have in life, seen from the eyes of a former student, of a former boyfriend, now a professor, now a man in his growing up, transfer, excite, infect.

As much as the world changes, schools change, technologies change, dreams and ambitions are still the same, all things considered. And then the generations are always experienced in the same way, that is for all eighteen year olds.

They are that generation of the so-called wasted youth. It has always been this way and will always be this way. But is not so. It is therefore clear how wonderful it is that I can transfer it to a professor, as a professor can say, because they see in us, us teachers, someone who can inspire them.

In class, however, how has the boy changed?

Every decision hasn’t changed because in reality when I started teaching in class with my kids in 2007 there were no social media or other distractions. Yet I’m still the same, but the big surprise will now be to get that Vincenzo professor. from the class and take it to all the Italian theatres, because I will be here in Messina again. Guys, I’ll be here with the physics we like. The lesson show. I will return here to the same theater where I was today, on February 21st and next year come and visit me because this teaching, this attracting by teaching, has a profound meaning for me. And if they follow me from eight to 80 years old, it means that physics can also become interesting for different generations.
There is something strong, concrete in this, a profound meaning that we must (should) reflect on.