Messina, the Democratic Party now breaks the silence: “No agreements with De Luca, even in the future”. And on the Croce case…


By John

The Democratic Party breaks the silence and does so both to deny any hypothesis of an alliance, even in the future, with Cateno De Luca (but not everyone in the party seems to think the same way), both to ask a Maurizio Croce to step back and leave the city council. But a claim for that seat also comes from the centre-right, in the event of Croce’s resignation: it is that of Sebastiano Tamà, who reiterates that he would be the successor, and not the dem Alessandro Russo.
Let’s go in order. The not so implicit messages launched by Cateno De Luca, regarding a possible “anti-centre-right” united front in Sicily composed of South calls North, Pd and M5S, have created disturbances in the Democratic Party. So yesterday evening a note arrived from the provincial coordination which also came out into the open on the Croce case. «Both at a local and regional level – we read -, the party will continue to work in the wake of clarity of the political line to build an alternative political project to both the center-right and De Luca. The latter, in particular, is anything but “a point of reference for an alternative area to the centre-right”: these are statements from a leader who, cornered even by his loyalists, seeks, as already done for the previous European elections, to settle with the highest bidder. Made fun of by Renzi, betrayed by the Hon. Musolino and also rejected by Calenda, now clumsily seeks a meeting with the other opposition parties, alluding to circumstances which, however, have no factual basis. A pathetic attempt that requires no further comment.”

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