The world of “Mac”, discovering Franco Macrì, the bodybuilder lawyer from Roccella who is very popular on the web


By John

“Enter? No, don’t go in! He can’t come in.” «Catch this swan, please». These are jokes that go around the web and inspire hundreds of people, even well-known ones, to create videos, stories and reels on social media, tagging their creator. To “not enter” the frame because… too big, as can be admired in the “swan” pose, they are the trapezoids of “Il Mac 64”who has achieved stellar popularity with his posts. Over 317 thousand people follow him on TikTok, 190 thousand on Instagram. Her videos are viral, and some have already surpassed half a million views. Among his most famous followers are Fabio Rovazzi and Biagio Antonacci. And his jokes and bodybuilder poses have become famous “memes”, also taken up by footballers, sports clubs and well-known social media pages.
The “Mac” at the registry office is Domenico Francesco Macrì, known to all as Franco, 59 years old, married to Pisana for 25 years. He is a civil lawyer with a passion for fitness and body building. He is also a tireless fitwalker, and grinds kilometers along the hilly paths and streets of Roccella, which he contributes to making known to the world, together with his historic group of friends. A “boomer”, in short, also appreciated by the very young, to whom he never tires of recommending the importance of studying, respecting the rules and friendship. A multifaceted and unique character. «But no – he tells us – I’m a very normal person, who enjoys playing sports with friends, eating pizza, singing and feeling happy with little. With friends we try to convey constructive messages: to have fun you don’t need to get drunk. We have fun for free, here in Roccella: we play sports, we laugh, we joke. Yet we are working people, and life is not easy for anyone.”

What do they say about you at work?

«As a lawyer I had the satisfaction of having the support and respect of the entire working environment. So far I have received only support and gratification from my colleagues.”

Let’s enter the sphere of “Macs in sports”. How much time do you dedicate to walking with your friends Nunzio, Vincenzo, Federica and Lele?

“We go out four times a week and do 10 to 14 kilometers, lasting about two hours. It’s not easy, it takes consistency. Someone often joins for a few outings but is then unable to maintain their weekly commitment.”

How much do you train to get such a sculpted physique?

«I started when I was 19, but I must say that mother nature was generous with me, I was predisposed. As a boy I played football, then during university I started going to the gym, but without overdoing it. And I continued, with commitment and perseverance.”

Many of your posts are inspired by the gym. How often do you go there?

«Once or twice a week, for maintenance and socialization. Socialization is important, and the gym is a place of respect for rules, education and order. It takes consistency and you also have to find a way to have fun. And the fun comes from who you have around you. This is why I always recommend doing group sports, a real training ground for life.”

The “social Mac”: how did your passion for digital content arise?

“Until 4/5 years ago I didn’t even know how to send a message on Whatsapp! It was my nephews, one evening at the pizzeria, who pushed me to create an account. It is surprising how the number of followers has increased in recent times: in one month there was an exploit of 200 thousand followers and I am also contacted by the world of sport”.

What does it feel like to have this popularity? You expected important feedback such as Milan, Monza, Juventus, Napoli and social pages such as Intrashtenimento 2.0, Calciatori Brutti, The Jackal?

«I received feedback for the enthusiasm, for the energy I give. People like the swimming champion Thomas Ceccon, the cyclist Filippo Ganna, the boxer Ivan Zucco follow me. It is a joy and an honor to have the attention of champions, exceptional people who make sacrifices to achieve important results and world records, it makes me proud.”

Is there a message that particularly gratified you, among the many sent by your followers?

«No, the best thing is when I see children interacting with my accounts who, always with the supervision of their parents of course, send me or tag me in videos shot while doing the “trapeze” or “the swan”. Earning the trust of parents, who make reels or posts with their children, inspired by my jokes, are emotions that go to the heart.”

The evidence? No sooner said than done. As our interview, among the outdoor tables of a public place, is coming to an end, a group of students passes by. Some kids immediately recognize him: “Can you make a trapeze Mac?”. «Here is the concrete answer to the first question: – concludes the lawyer Macrì – the best satisfaction is to see kids who show me affection and enthusiasm».