Messina, the League council groups in support of commander Stefano Blasco: “Basile is careless and incorrect”


By John

The League groups in the City Council intervene on the issue concerning the commander of the Municipal Police whose contract expires on November 15th and who, according to the statements of Mayor Basile, will not be renewed and the task will be assumed on an interim basis by a building manager Clamp.

The statement

Mayor Basile, to protect the citizens of Messina, should think twice about entrusting the Municipal Police Command on an interim basis to an administrative manager who is absolutely unsuitable for the role, we read in a note, pending the calling of a regular competition. There has been a lot of discussion these days. The chorus of voices coming from all the social and institutional forces of the city is unanimous. There is no reason, considering the curriculum, experience and professionalism demonstrated in the complexity of the functions, including judicial police, carried out by the municipal police under the leadership of General Blasco, for him to be replaced by a civilian in the management of the role, in relation to a possible extension which should be the most natural choice. It is absolutely not acceptable, and Basile should clarify the motivation behind this choice! Replace a General with a civilian. What benefit could the City have? It’s not clear to us. Actually maybe yes!! However, you can’t joke about safety. The problem with this current ruling class is that with General Blasco they were screwed. They thought of everything except this body of PMs could demonstrate that, despite everything, it could work. They were left speechless and without anyone to blame and inefficiencies on. The first renewal was a compulsion due to the results achieved. Given that in the following months the municipal police fared even better, with very high efficiency peaks during the counter-exodus, the experience had to be interrupted before anything consolidated. They don’t want to share merit with anyone. At the very least, hand out demerits. And with Stefano Blasco it was impossible for him. They were afraid of him and what he could still do, supported by the entire political class. Unfortunately, Basile is careless and incorrect. We repeat: on the safety of citizens we do not give in to any political compromise. Today the League is one of the most important political forces in the city and we ask the opposition forces to this administration to unite against the wicked choices that are being made to the detriment of the citizens.