Messina, the municipal police summit once again becomes a political case


By John

The municipal police becomes – once again – a political case. And he is – once again – in limbo, in the wake of years in which there have been successions and vacancies in the most important post, that of commander. It all started with the clash between the former mayor Cateno De Luca and the then commander Calogero Ferlisi. So the farewell of the latter and the long period in which the Corps of a metropolitan city remained without leadership, the same period in which the rise of the commissioner took place Giovanni Giardina and, in fact, the Administration’s political control over the municipal police was direct and total. It’s no coincidence that a commissioner was needed, Leonardo Santoro, for a commander to be brought back to the city, Stefano Blasco, although on “loan” (technically it is called own command) from the Municipality of Enna. And perhaps it is no coincidence that, not on the first, but on the second occasion, Blasco himself was given the boot.