Athletics, tomorrow in Catanzaro the Francesco Nanci Memorial Sports and Human Promotion Festival


By John

On the Pietro Mennea school field of Catanzaro, the Youth Sports Center of Catanzaro Lido, with the support of the Calabria Regional Committee of the Italian Athletics Federation together with the Libertas Aps Calabria Regional Committee and the Aps Catanzaro Provincial Committee and the Fidal Provincial Committee of Catanzaro, the ‘Asd Azzurro Bonifacio CZ, with the patronage of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Calabria, organizes on Sunday 19 November 2023 the Festival of sports and human promotion Memorial Francesco Nanci Athletics trophy.

The event intends to remember the figure of a coach and a sports manager, the late Ciccio Nanci or as many called him “gentle giant” who had given a lot for the development of Calabrian athleticsand above all from Catanzaro who passed away in 2007 due to a case of poor health. Many companies and athletes have given their support to this important event of promotional athletics, the same spearhead of Nanci’s activity which directed her passion and care towards children on the one hand and towards the sector Throws with youth athletes on the other.

The program includes these race categories: Beginners 5 (C) – m/f (born in the years 2018/17/16); Beginners 8 (B) – m/f (born in 2015/14); Beginners 10 (A) – m/f (born in the years 2013/12); Boys/girls 2010/2011. The technical program where the athletes will test themselves is as follows: Beginners 10 M/F: 50 m. – 600m – March 800m – Long – Vortex-4x50m Beginners 8 M/F: 40m – 600m – Long – Vortex – March 800 m – 4x50m Beginners 5 M/F: 30m – vortex Boys/E: 60 – march M-2000 – 600M-.

The start is scheduled for 9.30 am. Various regional managers of Fidal will be present at the event, led by the regional president Vincenzo Caira, many managers of sports clubs and the world walking masters champion Edoardo Alfieri.