Messina, the PalaMili hosted the third and fourth day of the Serie B Torball championship


By John

It ended last April 28th with great enthusiasm the third and fourth day of the Torball Serie B championshipa sporting event that illuminated the city of Messina and the PalaMili with its spirit of inclusion and competition.

Torball, an innovative and engaging sport, represents a unique opportunity to promote social inclusion. In its matches, sighted and blind players come together as a team, testing not only their athletic abilities but also their ability to collaborate and respect differences.

The event was a triumph for the Global Social Inclusive ASD, the organizing association that made its debut in the Messina area. We are happy to have had the opportunity to host the teams from Ascoli Piceno, Campobasso, L'Aquila and Scicli, making the event a true crossroads of cultures and experiences.

“We want to sincerely thank – write the company representatives – all those who made this splendid event possible, starting from FISPIC who enthusiastically supported the event, up to the referee team who guaranteed the smooth running of the matches.

Special thanks go to CIP Sicilia, in the persons of the general director Luigi Bentivegna, the regional delegate Giovanni Ciprì and the provincial delegate Francesco Giorgio, for the attention and support shown towards the Global Social Inclusive ASD. Collaboration between organizations is key to promoting the accessibility of sport to all, regardless of ability.

We also wish – they conclude – to thank the mayor of Messina Federico Basile and the councilor Massimo Finocchiaro for honoring the event with their presence, demonstrating their support for social inclusion through sport.

Inclusion is at the heart of Torball and any sporting event that promotes diversity and collaboration. We will continue to work hard so that this message of unity and solidarity can spread ever more widely.”