Vannacci: “Misunderstood about disabled students. Internal diatribes in the League, but citizens count”


By John

«I have never said that disabled children and young people should be in separate classes from others. I said that they must be together with other children and young people but that specific commitments and also adequate and dedicated structures would be needed for moments of particular attention paid to their disabilities. Exactly what many parents with disabled children would like to do but unfortunately these facilities are very few and the waiting lists are very long.”

The general specifies it Roberto Vannacciindependent candidate on the League's list for the European elections at
«Just reread my statements to realize how much I wanted to express, also mentioning the need for specialists to specifically deal with disabilities. Unfortunately there is a bad habit on the part of a certain press of making high-sounding headlines that go beyond the words expressed in the interview with the precise aim of demonizing the interlocutor and distorting the thoughts expressed”, he adds.

As for the criticisms of many members of the League, such as the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, «they are internal diatribes within the party which I consider more than legitimate but which do not interest me. I have an idea of ​​tradition, homeland, culture and sovereignty very similar to that of the League and which I will carry forward independently.e”. The criticisms didn't bother her, “they are internal discussions that don't concern me. The problem will be solved by the citizens' vote, if they vote for me I will be elected otherwise I will do something else. I thank Minister Salvini again for the opportunity offered to me to run. There were no contracts with the secretary of the League, as some claim, but talks and discussions which culminated on 25 April with Salvini's announcement of my candidacy as an independent on the League's lists.”