Seniors bonus of 1,412 euros per month: when the new aid comes into effect and what are the requirements


By John

From January 2025, seniors over 80 with economic difficulties will have a new opportunity: the universal benefit elderly bonus. Launched by the Meloni government, this financial aid promises 1,412 euros per month for those with an ISEE under 6,000 euros. With an initial allocation of 500 million euros, this support aims to make a difference in the lives of many non-self-sufficient elderly people.

How the bonus is created

The path towards this new bonus begins in March 2023, with the approval of the Delegation Law for the reform and care of the elderly. An important step that aims to improve the lives of 14 million elderly people in Italy, of which 3.8 million are not self-sufficient. The target? Go beyond economic support, promoting dignity, well-being, social inclusion and active ageing.

Who can benefit from it

The bonus is aimed at elderly people who meet certain requirements: have over 80 years old, a high level of care need, and an ISEE for social and health services not exceeding 6,000 euros. Furthermore, it is necessary to be the holder of the carer's allowance or have the requirements to obtain it. This financial aid is designed as a supplement or replacement of accompaniment for the most serious cases.

The steps to get the bonus

The procedure for accessing the bonus involves a direct request to INPS, via the official website or through patronages, using SPID, CIE or CNS. A technical-scientific commission will select those entitled, but INPS will provide the funding the bonus, tax-free, which is made up of a fixed amount of 572 euros (the current accompanying allowance) plus a supplementary allowance of 850 euros per month (according to estimates, around 25 thousand elderly people will benefit from it out of the over 3.8 million non-self-sufficient people).