Messina, the revocation of holidays for traffic police unleashes the unions. CSA, Silpol and Cisl Fp on a war footing


By John

A posthumous remedy, that of the revocation of holidays for municipal police personnel until January 7, which triggers reactions from the unions.

The CSA, with a note signed by the secretaries Gaetano Giordano, Pietro Fotia and Grazia Rinaldi, highlights that “the holidays had already been granted with a formal provision, and no exceptional events were identified, as the Christmas period had already been planned for a long time”. The CSA also recalls that «both the national contract and the rules that regulate the matter require that an “exceptional” provision must be justified, and this is not clear; finally, it should be noted that the administration will have to take charge of the sums that the subjects have advanced or will in any case have to pay for trips or other things that they have booked-organised by virtue of the granting of holidays”.
A big mess, in short, with Silpol (Italian local police workers’ union) which places the emphasis on the usual witch hunt unleashed against the municipal police: «The vast majority of the staff – recalls the secretary Pippo Gemellaro – is that of the 1989 competition notice and still current supporting structure, which has not been fed with the elixir of long life, but she has aged, not by doing crosswords under the umbrella, but by carrying out a very exhausting activity that leaves results, also certified by official medicine. Probably the hornet’s nest of ideas, both for and against, which developed following the recent road revolution implemented by the Administration on car parks, curbs, construction sites and forests, arose from the coincidence of the works with one of the key periods of traffic tilt, such as Christmas. All this has unleashed the know-it-alls of the times of social media, who have easily found someone on whom to unload responsibility.”

“A highly unequal and unfounded provision” is how the CISL Fp in a note sent to the mayor and to the commander of the municipal police, he outlines the service provision with which holidays and rest periods are suspended for municipal police personnel from today until January 7th. “This is – explain Giovanna Bicchieri, general secretary of CISL Fp, Santi Prestipino, head of the CISL Fp Municipal Police Department, and Alfredo Mobilia, company secretary of CISL Fp – an unjustified provision as the service needs referred to are have been widely contemplated in the holiday planning document, launched pursuant to article 38 paragraphs 10 and 14 of the local functions sector contract, which establish “that the organization plans employee holidays in order to guarantee their enjoyment within the terms provided for by the contractual provisions in force”, and again “that in the case of non-deferrable service needs which have not made it possible to enjoy the holidays during the year of accrual, the holidays must be taken within the first half of the following year”. Furthermore, the provision – add Bicchieri, Prestipino and Mobilia – involves evident discrimination between workers who have enjoyed the well-deserved psychological and physical relief of ordinary leave, compared to those who will now not be able to benefit from it themselves. The further extension of the enjoyment of holidays until 31/12/2024, after the one implemented for the 2022 holidays postponed until 31.12.2023, in total contractual and legal discrepancy, in fact, it is good to imagine that the Municipal Police personnel involved in the provision have accumulated a high number of untaken holidays, with possible serious psychophysical repercussions from work-related stress. If the Administration had deemed it necessary to limit staff absences by exceeding the percentages envisaged by the contract, it should have done so correctly in time, through a new planning of the Holiday Plan, prior to the start of the Christmas period and the end of the year, allowing for a fair distribution. . But none of this. This is why – conclude Bicchieri, Prestipino and Mobilia – we have invited the municipal administration to revoke with immediate effect the provision suspending the Ordinary Leave, and if anything to review its programming, ensuring the enjoyment of this inalienable right while waiting to define the criticality of organizational and managerial nature, which unfortunately reoccurs annually with serious compromise to the working well-being of all the actors involved and of the citizens themselves”.