Messina, there are those who wish death to Nino Germanà: «Like Feltrinelli…»


By John

«I wish you a trigger like the one Feltrinelli did in Segrate». An explicit message on social media, a death wish – Giangiacomo Feltrinelli he died in Segrate due to the explosion of a bomb under a pylon – aimed at the Northern League senator Nino Germanà, among the most ardent fans of the Strait Bridge. “How disgusting, how shameful, wishing me death”, was the only response comment from Germanà, who then decided to “silence”. That message was written in relation to a post with which the senator from Messina had expressed satisfaction with the last step taken on the Strait Bridge front: the yes to the update report on the final project.

There were several certificates of solidarity and closeness towards the representative of the League. «I express solidarity and closeness to Senator Nino Germanà who, on social media, was wished for death for his position in favor of the Strait Bridge. Germanà is a man at the service of the institutions and I am sure that he will not be intimidated by these phrases of unjustified hatred. We must never forget that democracy is based on the plurality of opinions and not on threats.”
This was stated by the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani.

Even the mayor Federico Basile expressed on behalf of himself, the Council and the entire Administration full solidarity and closeness to Senator Nino Germanà, recipient of threats on social media. “Acts like this cannot be dismissed as a simple stunt but constitute, in all respects, a serious crime. Those who praise violence, feeling strong only behind anonymity, do not have the intelligence to argue their opinions in any other way, nor the courage and coherence to support them by putting their face to it. On the social media front, the use of threats and violent, aggressive language must be firmly opposed in order to create the necessary antibodies in public opinion against the spread of these behaviors”, concludes Basile.

«I express my solidarity and that of the Senate of the Republic with my colleague Nino Germanà for the threats suffered», he writes on Ignazio La Russa. “I am certain – continues the President of the Senate – that the senator will not be intimidated and will continue to carry out his activities without any conditioning”.

«Solidarity with my colleague Nino Germanà to whom very serious threats were made on social media. An unjustifiable gesture that confirms how the social world needs rules and greater controls. No words written irresponsibly will stop a man or woman of the State intent on pursuing a legitimate shared political objective.” The senator from Italia Viva said it Dafne Musolino.

«I can only express my personal closeness and solidarity to Senator Nino Germanà, victim of unjustified hatred for his position in favor of the bridge. I am sure that my colleague will not be intimidated by those who wish him death and will continue his work in the service of the country with his head held high. I hope that from now on the discussion on all the issues affecting the country can take place with full respect for the thoughts and person of the interlocutor, as is true for every civilized and democratic country.” The senator of the Brothers of Italy says so Ella Bucalo.

Solidarity with my colleague senator Nino Germanà, who was wished for death on social media only because he is carrying out his institutional work with a great sense of responsibility.” The senator of the League and coordinator of the party in Sicily says so Claudio Durigon. «Different political positions – he adds – do not justify so much resentment towards those who fight with determination every day to guarantee Sicilians a strategic and essential infrastructure for the economic relaunch of the entire island. I am sure that Nino will not be intimidated by unspeakable attacks that have nothing to do with the democratic debate that inspires the League. Let’s move forward, together, in the sole interest of the Sicilians.”

«I express my total solidarity with senator and friend Nino Germanà threatened with death by those who cowardly think of demonstrating dissent through crude intimidation. Those who believe in their ideas do not fear confrontation, those who resort to threats only demonstrate weakness. We continue to work for Sicily with even more enthusiasm because we are convinced that the Bridge over the Strait will act as a driving force for the development of our land, with all due respect to the professionals of the no movement”. Thus the vice president of the Region, Luca Sammartinocomments on Facebook, the death threats received from the deputy group leader of the League at Palazzo Madama and secretary of the Transport commission in the Senate, Nino Germanà.

“Sincere solidarity with Senator Nino Germanà, recipient of serious and unacceptable threats. Using social media to wish death on those with opinions different from one’s own is a stupid, anti-democratic attitude, to be condemned with determination. I am sure that Nino will continue in his battles without being intimidated in any way.” As Matilde Siracusanoundersecretary for relations with Parliament and deputy of Forza Italia.