The president of the Province of Cosenza visits the Italian soldiers in Kosovo


By John

The visit of the President of the Province of Cosenza concluded in recent days, Rosaria Succurroto the Italian soldiers of the “Kosovo Force” (KFOR) contingent engaged in the “Joint Enterprise” mission, composed mainly of soldiers of the 1st Bersaglieri regiment, a department stationed in Italy in Cosenza.

Having arrived in Kosovo as an institutional representative for some meetings with the local authorities, President Succurro took the opportunity to greet her compatriots at the “Villaggio Italia” Camp, in Belo Poja/Belo Polje, Kosovo.

«I felt a strong duty – says Succurro – to say hello and thank the brave Italian soldiers engaged in this peacekeeping mission in Kosovar territory, who recently assumed command of the Regional Command West (RC-W) within the KFOR-NATO Mission”.
«I felt at home. You play a fundamental role of great social importance. In your eyes, I saw – President Succurro told the soldiers – the joy of finding someone close to you. The Commander, Colonel Francesco Ferrara, welcomed us in a commendable manner. I appreciated the institutional politeness and the cordiality shown towards us. I was amazed by the treatment you gave me and the consideration you had for my institutional role, appointing me Bersagliere for a day. Therefore, I felt like one of you and I shared your sense of the State and of belonging to the international community.”

President Succurro, after being welcomed by Colonel Ferrara, was awarded the honorary title of “Bersagliere” for one day. «I am profoundly grateful – concludes the President of the Province of Cosenza – to the Bersaglieri, to whom I gave as a tribute the Tablets of Gioacchino da Fiore’s “Liber Figurarum”, whose message of peace and justice we are spreading throughout the world, more relevant than ever ».